Smaller Paving Companies- Make Sure They Can Do The Work

There are a lot of good paving companies in town and there are a lot of shady ones. With the economy booming the way it is in Anchorage it seems as if everyone is trying to start their own little construction outfit.

In no way am I implying that many of these new local companies are bad. We all had to start somewhere.

What I am suggesting is that you make sure you have a company who will provide you with quality work and be able to do the job.

How many of these little new start-up construction companies get into the door is trying to beat the bigger competition with extremely low prices.

This is not, in itself, a bad idea. A larger paving and asphalt company has a higher overhead than smaller ones. They have shop, building, employees, equipment, workers compensation and general insurance expenses that they are forced to pay for. It is part of doing business in America.

Smaller companies may only have a couple employees and at most have a small shop they pay for. Some people just operate the business out of their garage. The major expense for these new business owners will be the initial bond, equipment rentals since they will most likely not own their own stuff and insurance. Most new paving and asphalt companies will not workers compensation and while this is risky to do it is not until you have several employees you really need it. In all frankness that expense alone can bankrupt any new construction company trying to start up in Anchorage.

So I am not saying do not go with the little guy. Just make sure he has the experience need to do the job and ask for references. What other jobs has he done? Did he used to work for a major construction outfit in town? Does he have the right tools to do the job? Can he show you some pictures of some past work he has done?

These are questions that need to be asked before you agree to the bid.  It can be a nightmare to have a company come back to you halfway through the project and tell you they cannot finish the job or that they need more money because they underbid the work and cannot buy more materials or pay for their employees due to it.  Crazy as it sounds it does happen a lot.

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